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Are you feeling overwhelmed feeding your new infant? Have you hit an obstacle and could use support? We are here to help!

Hi! We are so glad that you found us. We believe that support is best, and we strive to help you to meet YOUR infant feeding goals. We are hopeful that we are the answer you need to enjoy feeding your baby again!

Sisterly Lactation is currently providing in-home breastfeeding consultations as well as prenatal breastfeeding workshops throughout Middlesex & Lambton counties (and area). 

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We, Meagan and Pam, are sisters who are only 17 months apart. We have always had a close relationship while enjoying many of the same things. Through having our children and embarking on the journey of motherhood, our passion for breastfeeding was ignited. We quickly discovered the lack of community support and accurate information surrounding normal infant behaviour. That is our “why” and inspiration behind beginning Sisterly Lactation. We thoroughly enjoy helping new parents to navigate and digest all the information that is thrown at them!

Our mission is to offer support, evidenced-based knowledge and a stronger sense of community to encourage parents to meet their infant feeding goals.

Our vision is for parents to feel empowered and to promote self-efficacy, all while increasing the breastfeeding rates in our community. 

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Before finding Sisterly Lactation I was in so much pain trying to feed my baby girl. I had anxiety anytime it got close to feeding because I knew the pain was coming.

I had spoken with other professionals but didn’t feel that it helped at all. My next step was to wean off breastfeeding all together which I really didn’t want to do.

Meagan came to my house and was so gentle and supportive. There was no rush and no stupid questions. I could text her day or night and if she didn’t have an answer she went and found someone that did.

The motto “fed is best” is encouraged and they do not pass any judgment on how you choose to feed your baby. If I wanted to try to continue breastfeeding that’s the support I got, if I felt it was time to wean off then that was the support I would have been given. There is no guilt or pressure, just experience and knowledge.

The support that I received truly saved my breastfeeding journey and I can now enjoy the experience with my baby pain free.

The knowledge and level of care is amazing and I highly recommend reaching out to Sisterly Lactation for support through your own journey.” D.B

I connected with Pam through my doula Sarah. We were having issues with weight gain, after a traumatic postpartum. 

Pam came over the next day after expressing my doctor's concerns to my doula Sarah. I was latching her as much as she wanted, feeding every two hours and no weight was being gained. When Pam came over, her presence just took the weight off my shoulders. Her bubbly personality and caring tone just made me feel comfortable.
Before we even started looking at how feedings were going, she checked on me first. Asked me how I was doing. Asked about our birth and our postpartum journey so far. Pam then checked out Caraline’s mouth and explained everything she was checking for, as well as how it would affect her. I showed her how Caraline was feeding and she assured me I was doing everything right. She made a few suggestions to help. Once Caraline was full, she communicated things I could watch for.
She wrote down some suggested supplements to help with my supply and where I could find them. As well as giving me more information on some ways that could help my supply.
Pam was not only very knowledgeable, but she was friendly, caring and very supportive. I can say we wouldn’t be here still breastfeeding at 14 months without her. She a very big part of our success. 
Oh and did I mention, she did all of this while having her little one in a wrap on her body! That’s how amazing she is.” -K.W.

Pam has a warm empathetic approach to care.

I truly felt supported and validated with my concerns when I struggled to breastfeed my second born. I had a challenging experience breastfeeding my first born years before so I felt well-versed with what to expect with my second born. Personally, I find breastfeeding to be HARD! And as it turned out, we faced a whole other set of challenges with baby #2. Every baby is so different and Pam helped me navigate our unique needs. Struggling to feed a baby can feel like one of the most harrowing experiences to navigate on your own regardless of how you choose to feed them (breast, bottle, chest, exclusive pumping, combination, or supplemental) Pam was able to assist in a variety of ways that optimistically supported my breastfeeding goals but were also gently grounded in a realistic and sustainable approach for both Mumma and baby.” -A.P.

I highly recommend the services of Sisterly Lactation, I wouldn’t still be breastfeeding my son at 8 months without their help and support.

Pam has been so caring and kind to me throughout our breastfeeding journey. She listened patiently at my consultant to a long story about all of the things we had tried and issues going on and provided helpful advice and referrals. We followed up with Pam many times in the weeks following our appointments and she was always there to support and offer encouraging words, always without judgement. Even months later when issues or questions have arisen Pam is always there to support. I know I have someone knowledgeable in my corners for anything breastfeeding related and that really helps. I wish I had found Pam sooner and have recommended their services to all of my friends” V.D

Pam is amazing! She supported me and my breastfeeding journey with both of my children and I'm so thankful for her ongoing help and support.

She is extremely knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable and always heard. With her guidance and helpful suggestions, I was able to overcome the barriers of breastfeeding I was experiencing with my first son. I will never forget the feeling of relief when he latched for the first time, and Pam was there to experience it with me. I highly recommend Pam to anyone who is looking for support with their breastfeeding journey. “ -B.M.

“Meagan was very helpful!


Pam had such a gentle approach to helping me with breastfeeding my 2 week old son.

She is so very knowledgeable in this line of work and I am so grateful to have had her expertise to count on. Great experience overall! -M.B.

I cannot recommend Pam and Meagan without mentioning that I would not still be successfully nursing my daughter without their guidance and support.

My daughter was born with both tongue and lip tie, Pam worked with us pre and post-release to ensure confidence and proper nursing technique. We had the pleasure to also work with Meghan at one of their drop in clinics. The services provided included a home session amidst us attending the clinics that were held. Pam also educated my husband and answered any questions he had to support our newborn's feeding journey." -D.M.


Learn more about our in-home breastfeeding consultations as well as prenatal breastfeeding workshops to see how we can support you on your journey!

Serving Middlesex & Lambton County (and area).

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